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The Best Self-Tanning Products of 2019

With fall and winter quickly approaching its that time of year again where we all scramble to make our glowing tans last. Whether its work, school or just the weather prohibiting you from getting your glow on we know how you feel. We can't all just jet off to Mykonos the minute we are feeling a little pale.

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Talk scrubby to me

January may have felt like a year long, but with February lasting just about a minute, summer is not too far from knocking on our doors. While hair gets lighter and skin gets tanner, there isn’t much opportunity to hide flakiness under your cosy cashmere jumper.

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Cleansers we love; Skincare edition

Here at the Inava Pavani HQ, we are city folk- skyscrapers, ease of trransport, tech, you name it, we love it. Unfortunately, living in metropolitan areas it is inevitable that your skin is exposed to impurities. Dust floating in the air, the tube, car exhausts and airborne toxins can build up excess sebum in your pores.

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