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Talk scrubby to me

January may have felt like a year long, but with February lasting just about a minute, summer is not too far from knocking on our doors. While hair gets lighter and skin gets tanner, there isn’t much opportunity to hide flakiness under your cosy cashmere jumper.

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5 portable workout equipment for our travel-addicted followers

Listen, we know how hard it is to maintain and work on your fitness when you’re constantly on the move. The world is hectic and there’s waaay to much to get done in such a short time. Here you’ll find small equipment that you can pack in your suitcase or handbag and get on your way.

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5 Post Workout Smoothies you need

There’s no better way to end your intense workout session than by sipping on a well-deserved, tasty smoothie. We’ve curated a list of Team Inava Pavani’s favorite smoothie recipes to ensure you nourish your body with the best of the best!

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