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Why you should add probiotics to your diet

As anyone who has entered the realm of health and wellness knows, the world of supplements is a complicated, and often contradictory, place. We’re here to help you along the way so you can choose what you need to look and feel your very best. 

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Talk scrubby to me

January may have felt like a year long, but with February lasting just about a minute, summer is not too far from knocking on our doors. While hair gets lighter and skin gets tanner, there isn’t much opportunity to hide flakiness under your cosy cashmere jumper.

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Barre workouts: fad or fab?

Keeping up with current fitness trends is almost a workout itself with so many different fitness fads on the rise, each promising to yield notable results. This month Team Inava Pavani tried out Barre classes at both Washington DC’s Equinox Fitness Club and Montreal’s Ensō Yoga Studio to find out whether the hype is real. 

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