The Best Bootcamps in Bangkok 2019

With increasingly hectic lifestyles, the active Thai consumer seeks efficient methods to maintain their health. The hustle and bustle of the working environment provides less time at hand for the working individual. Here at Inava Pavani, we believe in maximising our time.

High intensity interval training is buzzing in Bangkok. Everyone seems to be attending bootcamps and joining fast-paced workouts. Team Inava has narrowed down the top bootcamps in Bangkok and how they add value to society. A “greener” outlook is necessary nowadays whether in our personal lives or by businesses themselves. According to BCG, sustainability remains embryonic in Thailand- these bootcamps aim to make a difference through social responsibility.

So here we go, The best bootcamps in Bangkok:


Location: 1. South central- Sathorn thani building. 2. Amarin plaza- central bangkok 3. Noble remix building

Base bootcamp launched in 2011 with its first central branch based in Sukhumvit and followed with Sathon and Khlongtoey. The bootcamp incorporates state of the art gym equipment and exemplary trainers. Fitness programs cater to all fitness levels and incorporate high intensity interval training. Customers can book group sessions and private group sessions, in addition to personal training sessions. Purchase channels include buying packages through website checkouts, the official app (android/IOS), the LINE app, and worldwide fitness app classpass.


This studio is incredibly personalised and warm. We found that trainers here are especially hands-on (not in an intimidating way). Attention to form, technique and stimulating experiences makes classes all the more fun. Perhaps the most interesting aspect of this studio is their offering of ‘BASELINE’. Here data is collected per month from person to person in order to provide personalised scientific results. Detailed breakdowns of body fat %, composition, and muscle mass are displayed as well; this ability to track progress will definitely lead to your brand loyalty.

Also, SMOOTHIES! available to buy on-site or through a “10-smoothie card” package on all purchase channels! We love anything chocolatey or berry based. The fuel bar presents multiple options for your post workout needs.

Amenities (i.e. locker room materials): The fitness club has a number of amenities that simplifies your lifestyle through easy accessibility, pre and post workout. The Base soundcloud playlist interacts with fitness consumers looking for great music; making your hectic lives a little easier.

Social value and activism: Base Bootcamp incorporates a smoothie bar that sources 100% natural, whole ingredients. The brand has partnered with renowned local health restaurant Broccoli Revolution. 9 THB from each smoothie purchase goes to “underprivileged children in Thailand”. YAY, finally, a fitness studio that actually makes tangible difference.

PS-Try working out with coach Stephany (we’ve heard good things)

energy bt.jpg

The “Barry’s bootcamp” of Bangkok?

Location: Nuam Complex Soi 33, Sukhumvit Rd

Energy bootcamp is an indoor bootcamp located in the centre most area of metropolitan Bangkok: Sukhumvit soi 33. The hour long classes provide high intensity workouts combining cardio and resistance training. Half of the class is spent weight-training and the other half spinning. This is very similar to the Barry’s bootcamp franchise that dominates the USA and western Europe. Energy bootcamp has created a cult-like dedicated audience through its experiential focus. Customers’ senses are engaged by using dim lights, fast-paced music and a mob-mentality class ambience. Trainers are experienced and fluent in English and conversational Thai and observably loved by customers via reviews online- not to mention, us too.


The studio describes itself as a “results-driven” bootcamp. It perpetuates an achievable goal to its customers- every time you walk into energy bootcamp, the only person to beat is yourself. With a mirror in front of you and a bench specifically assigned to you, the focus is completely placed on yourself. No comparisons to others. No nonsense. Just pure training. This class gives a ridiculous burn by challenging every single part of the body. If you feel like testing the waters before actually buying a package, try booking a class through classpass. One drop-in class is a mere 700THB which is a huge bargain compared to other studios. However, keep in mind that this price sacrifices some amenities that most boutique fitness studios provide (ie. showers, reception, luxurious branding)

DRAWBACK: There aren’t showers built in here, so you might have to take your sweaty butt home. The website isn’t very clear, your best bet could actually be calling the place or popping in for any quick questions/sign ups.

Social value and activism: There is yet an observable transparency regarding sustainability and advocacy towards the environment. However, the studio does create social impact through instagram posts regarding marriage equality and gay pride (so much YES).


Location: 725 Sukhumvit Road Metropolis Building, 8th Floor

Based in the convenient central residential location in Bangkok, Sukhumvit road, The infamous 12-year-old gym has acquired five star ratings on google reviews. The Aspire club is arguably the most aesthetically pleasing studio in central Bangkok. With minimalistic interiors and a modern, clean looking environment, the studio incorporates impeccable contemporary branding. The brand tagline is “inspired by excellence. Driven by results”, this concise and short outline of the business mission conveys a clear message of having a transformative nature.


The studio boasts a varied list of benefits such as goal tracking, physiotherapy, luxurious changing rooms, rooftop crossfit, monthly nutrition suggestions, fitness education for clients, fantastic hands-on trainers and much more. The gym focuses on achieving tangible results with fitness tracking per month. Other than operating as a gym, personal training (single or group) and bootcamps are one of their popular classes. Their impressive roster of affluent clients generate a like-minded community and connects high profile individuals with each other, much like networking. Aspire offers Bangkoks only premier monthly outdoor bootcamp into a jam-packed hour long session at central Asok park. Aspire focuses on unique differentiation and the brand itself rather than chasing a benchmark amongst competitors. Aspire believes in internal development.


We wouldn’t necessarily say this is a huge drawback- but it would be great to see a more seamless purchase process on their site (ie. customer accounts/paying online). Otherwise, stellar.

Social value and activism: After extensive research on the studios website and social media channels, we weren’t able to find visible activism/social responsibility. However, there are positive fitness affirmations present on the brands instagram page- we LIVE FOR this.

That’s all folks! Hope we were able to help just a bit.

With love,

The Inava Pavani team x