5 portable workout equipment for our travel-addicted followers


Listen, we know how hard it is to maintain and work on your fitness when you’re constantly on the move. The world is hectic and there’s waaay to much to get done in such a short time. Here you’ll find small equipment that you can pack in your suitcase or handbag and get on your way.



The great thing about the jumprope is its compact-able, and a huge challenge no matter who you are. You play with your body weight and get your heart rate up in a matter of seconds. You’re in control of how fast/slow you go. This will definitely increase your stamina in the long term and you can truly take this anywhere (no alarms set off through security!)

2. Ankle Weights

ankle weight.jpg

A high rep-based exercise is fantastic for toning your body and torching those calories. Small movements using the ankle weights will definitely make you feel the BURN. Most come with a velcro strap- dont be fooled by its small appearance. Your muscles will cry when you do donkey kick pulses. Also, they can be placed on your wrists too for any arm exercises you want to do.

3. Resistance bands

resis band.jpg

These babies come in different strengths, you can buy a set of light, medium, hard and extremely hard straps on amazon or the Lazada app (for our Bangkok-based followers). Inspired by pilates, when these bands are placed just above your knees you can get a great activation exercise in; think duck walk.

4. Balance Board

balance .jpg

Life is all about balance- this board is just a more of a literal meaning. Do mountain bikes with this, stand on it and do some bodyweight squats, do some planks; the balance board works wonders for core strenght and well…. balance.

5. TRX

trx door.jpg

The TRX is the king of time under tension and training your core. What’s great is that it comes with a contraption (a door hanger) that enables it to use doors as a way to balance (CLOSED DOORS). The bands are adjustable in length so you can train your arms, legs, core and more. We suggest following this outline we found on Pinterest.

(Images courtesy of pinterest)

Disclaimer- misuse of these equipments and exercises can result in injury- ensure that you have proper form or consult with a trainer at your gym.