The best spin classes in Bangkok 2018


The Inava Pavani team of fitness fanatics take spin classes like m&m's. We tried out a few spinning hubs in Bangkok and have listed our top favourites below. We look at friendliness of staff, ambience, facilities and effectiveness. 


(Image courtesy of tribebkk)

Price: Drop in/one class- 950 THB

Based near the Chidlom BTS station, this spin class has to be one of our favourites in Bangkok. The booking process was smooth and the studio was easy to find. The receptionists were welcoming, receptive and the least amount of snobby. We took the 12:15 class with Kaely and could not recommend her more. We found that the friendliness of staff significantly tackles any feelings of anxiety and intimidation- something that our readers may appreciate. After all, comforting the hearts of clients can really increase brand loyalty. A spin class is only effective if instructors are exemplary. Kaely determined short, sharp intervals and combined high intensity with dumbbell pulses to ensure you feel the burn. With her fantastic playlist of rap/edm and heart-pumping music, it came as second-nature to feel motivated. A point worth mentioning is the aesthetically pleasing minimalist inspired environment. This simplicity is something that the Inava Pavani team highly resonates with (very on brand). Changing rooms are conveniently located near the spin room with fresh towels and lockers provided. A lovely selfie mirror is present as well with great lighting (a huge selling point) and a hashtag perfect for your instagram story. Hairdryers, q-tips, and fresh fruity shower soaps are in stock for the ease of the rider. In all honesty, this was the only studio we visited that had the most relaxed and flowing environment. Overall, a really effective class that will significantly boost your strength and endurance. We will definitely be returning to tribe and could not recommend it more.


(Image courtesy of Ryde Cycle)  

Price: Drop in/one class- 950 THB

Ryde is one of the most hyped spin studios in Bangkok- the studio is dedicated solely to spinning and conveniently placed in seen-space thonglor. If you do live far from centre city, this may be a stretch, considering Bangkok traffic and peak BTS timings can be a killer. When entering, we were greeted by a lovely gentleman that ensured a quick sign-in and made sure that shoes, health and safety information were provided. However, RYDE can come across as somewhat intimidating as it is a studio that targets the elite of Bangkok. Thai socialites and celebrities seem to admire this place and attend classes religiously. We chose to “ryde” in Mild’s class this time; she is the perfect mix of bubbly and motivating. Moreover, the booming music adds to the overall intensity to the class, allowing you to really push through. We loved that post workout we could head over to the smoothie bar for that extra protein fix. When it comes to staff, we felt that there was some scope for improvement in providing a space without judgement and with warmth. An intimidating ambience is the only drawback but it’s nothing that can’t be worked on! We were pleased to find lovely soaps provided in the showers and a range of toiletries (deodorant, moisturisers and perfumes!). Try taking a class up with our fave instructors: Mild, Chana and Steph- these ladies have great vibes and great experience, plus their instagrams show a very motivating dedication to health and fitness. Overall, we would say that RYDE provides the most intense spinning classes in Bangkok. If you are an experienced spin junkie, we highly recommend this studio; need-less-to-say we will be ryding again very soon.


(Image courtesy of Ommo Studios)

Price: Drop in/one class- 650 and 950 for unlimited one week!

For those who are looking to find an effective studio with a reasonable price, Ommo is the one for you. Based in Sathorn, the large studio isn’t too hard to find. For those who are beginning their fitness journey Ommo is incredibly accommodating and is a perfect start to the wellness lifestyle. Ommo doesn’t only provide spinning classes, there is a mix of Hiit, bootcamp and yoga as well! We love the fact that all activities are within arms reach. The instructors speak Thai as well in spin classes for the ease of local clients and the overall staff is very friendly (we love this)! The studios are dimly lit with neon lights and has a cool and collected ambience that takes away any pressure/pre-class jitters; where you and your bike are the sole focus. Classes include tricep work and core engagement, something that is frequently overlooked. There aren’t any weights present in spin class here, hence the ease for beginner riders. Spin instructor Nun’s ride signature class is exceptional to get your heart pumping. Her curated music list includes EDM and top 40 hits. Nun’s instagram displays her life as an indoor cycling instructor where we can gain insight into behind-the-scenes of working at Ommo. We know that Ommo studios will keep you coming back for more. Happy spinning!

So there you go, our favourite spin studios in Bangkok at your perusal. Look out for our instagram stories and visits to these studios for more reviews and lovely imagery.

Until then!

-The Inava Pavani team

*Disclaimer: this article is intended to be a personalised review, each individuals experiences vary.