5 Reasons why you should work out in fresh air


Through the hustle and bustle of city life, the gym is a preferred work out location and rightfully so. At the gym, one can take up classes, participate in group workouts, resistance train, use the treadmill and so on. However, the power of exercising outdoors is often overlooked. Whether it's taking yourself for a run, a hiit session, tai chi, or yoga; the benefits below are not to be disregarded. 

1. Disconnecting 

With work, life, and all your worries, it can be difficult to take time for yourself. Ever wonder why it's suggested to take a walk when angry?  The action of providing a safe space for you and you alone can be freeing. Taking a deep breath of fresh air allows one to cope with anxiety. This is a huge contrast from spending hours focused on your laptop. Essentially, taking a well deserved break from technology can reduce feelings of stress. De-burden your mind and try something new. Taking a short run in a park or completing an outdoor class can re-connect you with nature. 


The sun is commonly used as a metaphor to describe feelings of happiness and warmth. This is for a reason. Serotonin, or otherwise known as the happy hormone is released in your brain and can better your mood. Rather than confining yourself to concrete walls in the gym, getting out where the sun is can evoke a feeling of achievement. Disclaimer: Ensure you pack on your sunscreen! (We're skincare fanatics over here at the Inava Pavani team).


Mental and physical health are both equally vital. When it comes to your body, exercise can affect your long term health for the better. Additionally, taking your run outdoors differs much from treadmill workouts. While many exercise variations can be performed on the treadmill, in the outdoors you rely on your feet to propel you forward. With wind resistance (however slight) and having to watch where you go, mind-to-muscle connection and coordination is challenged. 


Pollution is imminent in big cities. It seeps into your pores and gets into your lungs. The flow of fresh air acts as a cleansing mechanism, allowing airways to expand. The action of inhaling and exhaling allows the body to dispel harmful toxins in the air that rid yourself of impurities such as fumes and dust. 

5. Anytime, anywhere

The freedom that comes with working out outdoors is significant. The outdoors is something that will always be readily accessed. There is no specified age group for this activity, it's universal! Without waiting for classes or appropriate schedules, outdoor activity can fit into sudden availabilities and free time. The concept of calisthenics is built on using only your body for activity to generate lean muscle. Try a no equipment Hiit workout outdoors to torch those calories and fat. We personally adore and highly recommend www.fitnessblender.com for quick and challenging workout videos.